Blue Bitties are Litty (But Not Really)

We all know that Asari are the “master race” in the Mass Effect universe, but that’s only because one Prothean thought they should be uplifted faster than the rest of the species in the Milky Way.

These blue hued “maidens” (remember, they are mono-gendered and the translation of THE FUTURE is what is close enough to human understanding of their gender, or lack thereof) are the very opposite of today’s hate for race mixing, as shown by State Farm’s recent tweet with an interracial couple.  In the year 2183, Asari are all about free love with other species because it creates genetic diversity and the daughters of these unions will not only have Asari biotic powers, but they will also inherit the DNA and traits from the father (which can be a person of any race AND gender, how cool is that!).

Sure, the daughter will still be an Asari, but the daughter will have the genetic markers of a Krogan, Salarian, Turian, human, and maybe even a Quarian, that will help the young Asari through life.

If an Asari mates with another Asari, they just end up having an Asari daughter, who will go through life being called a “Pureblood”, a slur to those who had no choice in the matter.

I think it’s very… “refreshing”, I suppose, to see that “race mixing” isn’t seen as a taboo in this fictional world like still is in “post-racial” 2016.

The State Farm tweet and the now ancient (in internet time) Cheerios commercial just shows how far we are from a “post-racial” society that liberal, safety pin wearing folk say that we are in, while dismissing a very real problem that is attacking black people for dating to marrying white people, because black people are somehow seen as lesser and shouldn’t be adding their genes to the pureness that is the “white race”.

But what happens when you don’t switch up the menu that is DNA every once in a while?  It gets stale, it gets old, it gets tired and in the end, you get just a pile of mush you could have SWORN was a decadent cake, made from scratch, the icing just sweet enough that you played rock, paper, scissors with diabetes and won.

The Asari are the “post-racial” society that safety pin wearers claim we are, but in reality, we are only about .6 seconds away from the end of slavery, if Carl Sagan’s universal calendar is the base.

We have so much work to do before the year 2157, the year humans make contact with the Turians in the game, before we get to our “post-racial” society.

I just hope by then, folks will actually do work instead of wearing safety pins and looking away when a marginalized person is being kicked off an airplane, verbally assaulted on the train, or just being physically, emotionally, psychological, mentally, biologically harmed in public, while having the nerve to say they’re doing something by wearing a pin that can only be visible if you’re 2 inches close to them.

Hopefully, by 2157, safety pins will be used for holding a shirt together instead of faux solidarity and race mixing and interracial couples in media will be seen as normal as male nipples.

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