The Intersections Nightmares Are Made Of But Everyone Wants To Be In The Street

Merrill is a Dalish Elf and a mage.

Dalish Elves are elves that roam the forests of Thedas, hiding from humans who will make their lives hell, just like their cousins, City Elves, who live in alienages.

Mages in Thedas are subjected to hiding their powers, being subjected to having to go to Circle chantrys to be “monitored” so they don’t become demons or being a maleficar (because fuck all that hiding and being watched).

Let’s say that… black femmes are Merrill.

Black femmes are the elves that hide their families from the terror that is white violence.

Black femmes are the elves that slaughter their family member’s rapist and their flunkies.

Black femmes are the mages that make magic from nothing, only to have to be watched, monitored and told what they can and cannot do in the confines of their own neighborhood and homes.
Black femmes are the mages who make magic from the smallest grain of sand, only to have white people (the women in particular) steal the sand black femmes haven’t blessed yet and will demonize their magic, only to put their Salem witch trial bullshit on the sand and claim it’s better.

Black femmes are Merrill and it’s disgusting how people demonize the intersections black femmes face, but will jump out of their moving vehicle because the saw that HOT sign was on at the Krispy Kreme on the corner of Queer and Negro Nose.

Black femmes are “the worst” but the whole world takes their fashion, their language and their lives to make it “better”, when the only reason they stole it in the first place was because THE GOD DAMN HOT SIGN WAS ON and they ain’t have NO MONEY to buy shit.

When faced with the police, I mean the Chantry, black femmes, I mean elven mages, are faced with the double whammy; being an Elf who eats human children because reasons and being a mage, who does blood magic on children to become Abominations and terrorize the world.  Black femmes know that it’s the police and their white supremacy that is eating black children.  Black femmes know that the slave patrollers and their white supremacy is what is terrorizing the world for black people.

Black femmes will always be the source for trends that are 6 months too late for white people, who drag that shit out for years and put new trends on their unwashed Grinch fingers, their dirty Timberland boots, their unseasoned dishes.

Elves, before they were slaughtered and enslaved by humans, were magical beings, who could live for hundreds of years, looking like babies fresh from the wombs of their birth giver.  They created cities in the skies, made mirrors that could take you from place to place on the mortal plane, they talk with their animals as if they were actual people and not things.

Because of white people enslaving black people,  today’s black people will never know what magic their ancestors had.  The paper work that white people used to trade black people is “somehow” lost (read: destroyed) to the world.

I hope black people are able to reclaim their magic and use it to protect themselves from white people.

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