The Internet: How Black Millennials Opened Up Pandora’s Box


If you aren’t up to speed, the story of Pandora’s box is that this woman was given a box (it was a jar, but w/e, not the point!) and it had all the evils in it and when she opened the shit, all the evil flew out except for “Hope”.

Now, people always blame Pandora, because how dare she all that but keep hope hidden!

With the Internet now seen as this amazing thing when just a few decades ago, it was something that stereotype nerds, geeks, businessmen and other eccentric personalities had, it’s weird for people to be upset that those seem people harbor racist tendencies.  Those same people, who have access to money for modems and servers, have dominated that area of society for a while now.

To be shocked that the children and maybe even grandchildren of racists from the Civil Rights era were able to get their hands on the Internet so early.

And to even fix your mouth to say that doxxing and outing racists is even the same as Klansmen burning crosses in yards, Nazis placing people onto trains, murdering people all in the name of superiority of white skin is even on the same playing field is disgusting, genocidal apologist talk.

Wave after wave of “ARE MILLENNIALS KILLING OFF–” clickbait posts always want to point out the bullshit that no one cares about, and if it makes old, white housewives mad that they can’t go to Applebee’s for overpriced, watered down drinks, then oh the fuck well.  They never seem to bring up that B L A C K millennials are (STILL) doing most of the major heavy lifting for “good” white folks.

With the Internet now making white people bold as fuck by having their full name, birthday, GPS location and work on their social media profiles, the evil that they had hidden so “quietly” online has been opened by Pandora and their Black ass being tired of white fuckery spilling out the box.

White people have… “gifted” Black people of America a box of racism, but want it to stay closed, ignoring the fact that it’s just oozing of white people’s transphobia, racism, classism, medical apartheid, apologist bullshit.  To find the “Hope” (AKA “love trumps all!)” that is probably not even in the fucking box would require opening it and dumping all the shit onto the floor.  And instead of cleaning up this shitty fuck ass gift, they’ll just blame Black people for even bringing up in the first place.

The gift that is the Internet is a blessing and a curse on “both sides”.

For white people, it is a platform to be racist stalkers who plan Klan and Nazi rallies without hoods but still have the nerve to have armed militias to guard you and kill Black people.

For Black people, it is a platform to reach out to other Black folk across the country and let people know of establishments, towns, and people to avoid because of said white people.  It is also a GREAT tool to embarrass said white people and rattle their places of employment.

I am thankful for the Internet because it keeps me sane and from Sinking where I am in my part of America.  It has helped me grow into a stronger Black person and has connected me to beautiful Black people in various stages of grief yet again because their white “friends” have shown their true colors (or lack thereof) because of what happened in Charlottesville.

The “Hope” that is the box that was gifted to Black people by white people does not exist and if it does, the evil has made it rot.  Throw it away.  Or at a white person’s face.  Whichever comes first.

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