Ron’s drug induced night wore off and he “woke up” while he was taking a piss.  He startled himself as he flushed and looked around the bathroom. 2 other bodies were in there with him.  They laid on top of each other in the tub, a red liquid pulled at the bottom. Ron opened his mouth to scream but nothing came out.  He stumbled out the bathroom.  More bodies laid on the floor of the resort room, but they were all sleeping.  He quickly left, looking around the hallway, trying to remember which way to go back to his siblings.  He found an elevator and hit the button for his floor.  He paced the square, only to stop when another person walked in.  Ron watched them hit a button, resetting the whole board.

“Wait, my floor–” Ron started, before the person turned around and glared at him.  Ron lowered his gaze, causing him to miss the giant fist come toward his dome.

Sasha and Ree laid next to each other on a stretched out net.  Ree was the first one to wake up.  She stared up at the hole they fell through, which seemed to be miles up.  She rolled over and looked down through the netting.  Pitch black water laid still beneath them.  She spit into it, watching the baby ripples move the water.  The water started to bubble and a giant mouth shot out from the water.  Ree screamed as the mouth chomped close to the netting.  Sasha quickly sat up from the scream, looking down at the splash that happened.  Ree stared at her.

“We need to get out of here,” she yelled, trying to standing up, but ended up just falling back over.  Ree looked around and spotted a ladder, quickly crawling toward.   Sasha followed the mouth jumping up again, trying to chomp at the net.  Ree scrambled for the ladder, quickly making her way up it.  Sasha got her foot tangled in the netting.  She screamed, trying to break her foot free.  Ree froze, unsure of what to do.  She started to cry.  The mouth jumped up again.  Sasha managed to get her foot free.  The mouth chomped on the netting, tearing it and pulling it back down.  Sasha jumped for the ladder, barely hanging on to the last rung.

“I swear, if you don’t move your ass,” Sasha screamed.  Ree yelped and quickly made her way up the ladder, into the tunnel it led to.  Sasha punched Ree in the arm when she pulled herself up.

“The hell is wrong with you?” Sasha asked, glaring at Ree.  “What did you do to wake that thing up!?”

“…I spat in the water.”

Sasha rolled her eyes, her head, her neck in disbelief before standing up.

“Let’s go find where this ends,” she said.

“But it’s dark in there!” Ree replied.

“Okay, and there is GIANT MOUTH down there, so where are you gonna go, sis?”

“…The dark.”

“Oh, right.”

As they made their way down the tunnel, which seemed like hours, the sounds of flesh getting hit, followed by the sounds of yelling got louder and louder.

“You fucks can’t even hit a little girl!?”

“She ain’t even little!  You get in here and try to fight her since you so fucking tough.”

“Charger said–”

“I don’t give a fuck what the man-looking bitch said, get in here and fight with us!”

The glow of many candles appeared at the end of the tunnel.  Sasha and Ree slowly peeked out.  Beneath them was Aya and she was fighting about 4-5 grown men.  She stood in a ready stance, her mouth bleeding slightly.  She was grinning.

2 of the men tried to rush at her, but she managed to move out the way and trip up both of them.  Another men flung himself at her.  She caught him by the arm and snapped it, tossing the man aside.

“C’mon, y’all need to do better,” she teased them, holding her firsts up, ready for the next one.  The man who was talking shit was getting annoyed and finally stepped in, pulling out a knife.

“Let’s go then, man-bitch,” he said.

Aya laughed, a laugh so unnerving, Sasha, Ree and the men shivered a bit.

“You keep saying man-bitch like this man-bitch won’t rip out your fucking throat,” Aya whispered to him, her pupils turning into little slits.  Her smile turned wild.  She looked like she was out for blood.  All the men tried to rush her at once.  She moved like water, grabbing a man by his shirt and throwing him into another man.  Another man tried to charge at her core, but her knee reached his chin before he could tackle her down.  The man with the knife tried very hard to not look scared, so he charged at her.  She grabbed his wrist and snapped it, making him scream and drop the knife.  Her other hand grabbed his throat.  She stared him down, her forehead against his.

“This man-bitch ain’t such a man anymore, eh?”  she said to him, before squeezing his throat, her nails digging into the skin.  He gurgled, his unbroken hand trying to pull her hand off his neck.  She laughed and pulled her hand back, a chunk of his neck in her hand.  The men who started to get up, started to scream in horror and ran off before getting stopped by another tall woman.

Her lone grey eye stared down the men, who cowered in her presence.  She spat at them and they ran past her.  She rolled her eyes and walked into the room where Aya was.  She looked at the dead man bleeding on the floor and then look at Aya.

“HA!”  She screamed and clapped.  Aya looked at the woman.  She was tall like Aya, dark-skinned, with cornrows and an eye patch over her left eye.  Aya was suddenly in awe of this person.

“So they thought they could fight you and win huh?  I remember when that happened to me 5 years ago.  Been in charge ever since.  I’m Charger,” she said.


“Where you from?”

“Don’t matter, that planet is gone.”

Changer nodded.  “Where’d you learn to fight like that?”

“On the way here,” Aya replied.


“We ‘won’ a ship.  The ship was programmed to take us here.”

Charger was silent for a moment.

“Let’s go talk.  Your friends can come, too,” she said, pointing to the tunnel where Ree and Sasha were.  Aya looked up and smiled before running over to the tunnel.  Ree and Sasha jumped down, a bit afraid of Aya now.  They hugged her however.

“So glad you’re alive,” they said to each other.  Charger smiled, the young women followed her.  As they entered the sanctuary that was Charger’s domain, a huge person had Ron slumped over their shoulder.

“Found the other one, boss” they boomed, dropping Ron the floor.  The young women ran over to him to check on him.

“How do you all know each other?”  Charger asked.

“We’re family.  Our baby siblings are missing.”  Charger got quiet again, before pulling out the radio that Sasha was missing.

“How did you get that:?”  Sasha asked, quickly standing up.  “Give that back, they could be trying to find us!”

Charger tossed it back to her.  Sasha quickly turned it on, a red light showing up where a green one should be to show that the other radio was also turned on.  Sasha started to sob.

“—t now—”

The radio cracked.

Sasha and Charger stared at the radio, Ree and Aya looked up from Ron.

“…The light is on!”  It was Horne.  Sasha started to sob again.  Aya and Ree rushed over, staring down at the radio.

“Hello, hello, this is Horne.  Is anyone there?”

“We’re here!”  Sasha said back into the radio.

“I can’t hear anything…”

“Fuck, we didn’t fix it.  Turn it off.”

Charger’s face from stoic to soft for a brief second.  She turned away and started to pace.

“I can’t yet!  If you can hear this, we are safe!  We are pretty far from Plastic Beach, but we’re safe!  This old man–”

“I’m not old!”

“–is gonna try to help us get to you and free people from there!  Please be safe!”

And the radio cut off.

Ree and Sasha sat on the floor, Ree comforting Sasha.  Aya went back to Ron’s side.

Charger had huddled her people and started talking to them in a hushed voices.

After ten minutes, she walked up to the young people and squatted next to them.

“Look.  Plastic Beach is the…. pet project of this alien.  He calls himself Captain Raz, but in reality he is a sick fuck.  His people have been destroying planets and harvesting people under the guise of “relaxation” but all he does is get you intoxicated and kills you.  If you don’t do as he says, they’ll send you off the desert to die.”

“How do you–”

“My grandmother was a refugee and they brought her here, same as you.  She lived her for five years before she got tired of watching her friends die from ODing.  So she tried to make nice with the Captain.  She tried to start a rebellion with others.  It took another 2 years before they stole enough ships to leave.  He shot them down, at least tried to.  Her and another 50 people or so made it and started a colony out in the desert, named it Oasis.  My father was born there, I was born there.  A few years ago, some of us managed to sneak back in here, to blow this place up for good.  But we got stuck. So we’ve been trying to round-up people, younger people, to help us.”

“So you consider knocking people out as a way to recruit people?”  Ron groaned from the floor.  Charger chuckled.

“It’s not fucking funny.  We have 6 small children out there to worry about and you over here chasing out down and punching us in the head and having us FIGHT your people, and you want us to HELP?  All you had to do was ask. We know all about this war-monger aliens.  In case you forgot, they destroyed our home and brought us here!”  Ron yelled, sitting up.  Charger watched him.

“So whats your fucking plan, you sack of shit?”  Ron asked, glaring at Charger.

“Fair enough.  You all had enough of my shit.  We steal the ships and get off this planet.”

The young people rolled their eyes and laughed.

“How you gonna do that?  Did you say they shot your gramma down?  The fuck you think is gonna happen if you do the same?  And then what?  He’s still gonna be alive and gonna be doing the same to other folk.  You a selfish fuck,”  Aya said.

“What y’all need to be doing is trying to kill him and then leave,” Sasha said, staring at the radio.

“But if we do that, his people will find us,” one of Charger’s henchmen said.

“Then kill them, too,” Ree said.  “These aliens deserve to die.”

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