Horne, Bean and Bandie put Sasha in the sidecar and started to push it down the halls of the resort.

“We’re not going to make it,”  Bandie said, watching Sasha’s chest rise and fall slowly.

As they waited for an elevator, a voice from behind them spoke.

“Y…You think yo… you can just leave…?”

It was Raz, slowly struggling to walk down the wall, using the wall to keep on his legs.  Horne grabbed their gun and started to shoot, some bullets missing entirely, others grazing him.  Raz laughed, the hole in his head pulsating, blood dripping out of it.  Bandie kept pressing the button to call the elevator, but it still didn’t move fast enough.

A bullet landed into Raz’s shoulder, his hip, his foot.  When he was only feet away, the elevator door dinged open.  Aya stood there.  She blinked before she jumped over the sidecar and the children, her fist landing into Raz’s face.

“GET OUT OF HERE,” she screamed, knocking back Raz before pushing the sidecar into the elevator.

Raz laughed, struggling to get up.  The hole in his head was healing.  His yellow eyes locked onto Aya before he rushed at her, tackling her to the ground.  He kept laughing, one of his hands wrapping around her throat, another smacking her in the face.  He kept laughing before a block of concrete swung at his head, knocking him off Aya.  Aya gasped for air, looking in the direction of the swinger.  It was Charger.  She winked at Aya, stepping over her, holding her makeshift maul over her shoulder.

“Hey, Raz!  What’s good!?”  Charger asked, swinging the maul at him.  He rolled out the way before getting hit in the face by Aya again.  When Charger swung, Aya would be right behind her with a punch.  As they fought their way down the hall, Charger gave Raz’s chest a homerun hit, causing him to get tossed into the window.  It started to crack.  Aya rushed at him and kicked him in his chest.  The window shattered and he and Aya fell out the 3rd story window.

Glass rained down on the pool area.  Aya landed wrong, causing her to scream in pain.  Raz let out a wheezing laugh, sitting up and staring at her.   He stood up and started walking toward her.

“What’s the matter, giant girl?  Broke your ankle?”  he asked.

Charger’s maul came from the heavens and struck down on his head, a loud CRUNCH rang throughout the pool area.

Charger helped Aya up, walking with her toward the van where Ron was waiting.

“Oh, god, Aya,” Ron said, driving the van closer to them.  Charger got her settled into the van, where Sasha and the three other children waited.  Sasha was still out.

They drove toward the docking area, the last of the people to arrive.  Everyone watched Ron and Charger carry Sasha and Aya to their ship.  Ren was there with the other children who had were left behind at the Oasis.  Ren looked up and stared at Charger, who almost dropped Aya.  When Aya was settled in, Charger and Ren embraced, crying.

“Don’t do that again!”  Ren said, punching Charger in the arm.  Charger laughed, pressing her forehead against Ren’s.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, kissing his cheek and squeezing him.

As they got settled in, the earth started to shake.  The resort area let out a long howl before blowing up, the smoke and fire in the shape of Raz’s face.

YOU AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE“, the fire boomed before swirling into a mist and heading toward the docks.

The ships started to take off one by one, leaving the atmosphere.   Ron started to fly the ship, not leaving the planet just yet.  As the mist caught up to the ship, it took place in the shape of a hand, trying to grab hold of the ship as it moved from its grasp. Ren and Charger were at the lowest level, opening the loading doors.  Ren moved his way back into his van, readying and arming the machine gun.  As the door opened, he started to shoot at the mist, the fingers dissipating with each bullet.

Ree ran up the Ron in the pilot’s seat.

“Circle back toward the church,” she yelled.  Ron nodded, looping over the mist and straightening out back toward the resort.

Ren ran out of bullets.

As they made their way back toward the church, the mist had grabbed onto the ship, jerking the people inside.  The ship hovered in place, barely above the church. The mist started to laugh and rejoin itself.  Raz stood in the loading bay to Ren and Charger’s surprise.  Raz smirked.

“Why do y’all keep trying to leave when I tell you you aren’t?” he asked, walking toward them.  A bullet went through his head again.  Horne stood a bit behind Charger, the pistol smoking a bit.  As the bullet went through Raz’s head, a drop of blood fell into the hole that Sasha and Ree had fallen in ages ago.  Charger and Ren went after Raz, kicking and punching, but he dodged them all.

A roar shook the ship.  Ron tried to get the ship to stop hovering.  The monster that had eaten the pastor lept out from the hole, jumping toward the ship. It barely touched the ship before falling back into its hole.

“C’mooooooon, cmon!” Ron pleaded to the ship.  He took a deep breath, before turning off the ship.  The ship’s tail started to fall, Charger and Ren trying to hold on to something.  Raz chuckled.

“You will all die,” he said.

Horne was in the van, trying to figure out to take it out from park.    The fall of the ship seemed to feel like forever.  Raz was walking closer to the inside of the ship, trying to find Ren and Charger.

“FIGHT ME,” he roared, laughing.  As the ship started to spin, the van started to roll.  As Raz turned, the van slammed into him, knocking him out of the ship.  The monster jumped up again, mouth open.  Raz closed his eyes before he and the van were swallowed whole.

Ron turned the ship back on and started flying again.  They flew over the resort, over the Oasis, over a patch of golden flowers that had started to bloom in the sand before flying off the planet.

Aya was holding Sasha’s hand when Sasha woke up a moment.

“Did… Did we make it?”  she asked, her voice wheezy.

Aya smiled and squeezed her hand.


Sasha smiled.



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