Homemade Jewelry

The bell to the door startled the patron as they walked in.  The store smelt of Dragon’s Blood, old books and sugar.

“‘Allo!”  someone said from the back of the store.  “I’ll be with you in just one moment!”

The patron slowly walked through the aisles, touching the trinkets, feeling the spines of some of the books.

Crushed Dreams: How To Win Them Anyway.  Hm.”

“Oh, sorry about that!  How can I help you!?”  It was an older lady, her little body carrying a stack of heavy books.

“Oh, do you need any help?”  The patron asked, extending their arms out to help her.

She shuffed the hands away, holding the books closer to her.

“No, I’m fine. I had my tea this morning, I’m strong!  But how can I help you??”

“Er… Well, I was looking for a jeweler to make my partner’s engagement ring,” they started before the lady dropped her books on the floor, her eyes wide.

“I’ll go get him…” She said before hurrying to the back of the store.  The patron blinked and slowly followed.  As they came to the end of the aisle, a man dressed in fine, colorful linens smiled at the patron, his red lips making his teeth look extremely white.

“So yoooooooou are the one interested in a ring?” he asked, taking the patron’s hand and leading them to a back room.  “Have a seat!” he said, pulling out a chair.  The patron slowly sat down, looking bewildered and frightened.   The man swirled around the tiny room, setting down a small table, followed by small bottles of liquids.

“Okay!”  The man said, sitting across the patrons. “SO!  What kind of jewel did you have in mind?”

“…Well… I don’t know… I’m not–”

“Into jewelery, mmkay.  Well, let’s start off with something simple.  When you think of your…??”


“Partner!  What color do you see them as?”

The patron sat quietly for a moment.

“They’re… They’re the early rays from the sun when it starts to rise.”

The man nodded, pulling out a small notepad and scribbling into it.

Ooookaaaaay… Now, what do you think of them when they’re just doing anything?”

The patron’s face got hot and they smiled shyly.

“They… Wow… They’re just the best thing to ever happen to me.  They’re the cool breeze on a day that’s too hot.  They’re a heating blanket in a drafty house.  They’re smile keeps me going when I’m having a bad day.  They always check in on me and make sure I ate…”

The man waved his hand.  “Thank you,” he said flatly.  The patron blinked and lowered their head. The man scribbled in his notebook and flipped it closed.  He pushed a few of the bottles toward the patron.

“Now, I’m going to have you drink these in a few moments.  Just close your eyes and think about your beloved,” he said, getting up and gathering some items.  The patron closed their eyes and what felt like minutes, they opened them again.  They were alone in the room, a cup filled with a bubbly purple liquid in front of them.  They grabbed the cup and sniffed it, their stomach suddenly queasy.  Taking a deep breath, then downed the drink and sat there.  A moment passed before they were coughing and groaning.  They held onto their stomach and laid their head on the table.  With a loud and long belch, a small purple rock came up out of their throat and landed on the table.  They blinked and stared at it before walking out the room.  They looked around the store and bought some incense before they left.

Weeks went by before their partner got a small box in the mail.  They opened it and smiled at the small ring with the purple gem set in the middle. With it came a note.

We regret to inform you that the person who made this for you will no longer be interested in you.  They feelings they had for you will be in this piece of jewelry.  If you don’t mind the size and would like them to have their feelings for you back, please resend it with the enclosed box.  Don’t worry! Postage is already paid for!  Thank you for using our store!

The partner laughed.  They laughed so hard, tears ran down their face.  They sighed.

“Resend it… Hahahah… Funny.”  

They slid the ring onto their pinky, their hands, wrists, neck and ears adorned with all sorts of colorful jewels.  They smiled and went on about their day.

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