The last drip from the IV made him wake up in screaming agony.  A nurse with dirt under her nails and a cigarette in her mouth lazily walked over to him, looking at him up and down.

“What’s your problem, freak?”

His throat was dry and she knew it.  That IV solution, whatever it was, was designed to keep people like him quiet and asleep.

“P-Please… K-K-Kill me…” he pleaded with tears in his eyes.

He was strapped down to a gurney, in a room with others who happened to be like him.

He thought he was careful, he thought he was safe, but these people…

They will always find you someone told him a long time ago.

His heart started to race, his brain started to turn his body red with rage.

“Something’s WRONG,” the nurse screamed, running out the room, her cigarette falling on the floor.  He snarled and struggled between his bindings, his body on fire with rage, with anger, with revenge.  He let out a howl, the straps meant to keep down elephants snapping like freshly sprouted twigs.  He quickly stood up, throwing his gurney at the team of security meant to contain him.  It was too late for that now.  He was loose.

The others in the room laid there in forced comas.  He watched them before screaming and ripping out the IVs of the others, all 9 of them.  They wailed and screamed and pleaded as he ripped the straps off from their bed prisons.

RAISE HELL,” he bellowed, his voice sounding like the many souls of those before him who died here.  The 9 looked at this short, skinny man, his body twitching, eyes harboring wrath.  Something suddenly changed in the rest, their formerly lifeless bodies full of hidden energy that seemed to surge from this one man.

A girl, no older than 5, hopped off her gurney, walking through the open door.  She shivered, the air suddenly changing around her.  She grinned a grin so sinister, survivors would say she was possessed by Satan.  She let out a shrill laugh, her whole body suddenly catching fire.  She raced through the hallway, touching the walls, setting the floor aflame.  The man laughed and chased after her, kicking open doors to other rooms, with more people locked inside.

It was just this floor full of people like them, deep in the depths of this seemingly innocent hospital.

An alarm finally went off 2 floors above the surface.  Red lights suddenly flashed throughout the hospital.  Protocol said they said plenty of time.  The hundreds of “freaks”, as the limbless torso of the nurse called them, said otherwise.

A team of armed security talked quietly amongst themselves as the more prestigious patients of the hospital were taken to safety.  Another pair of teams were headed down to the subbasement.  One of them nervously tapped their foot, another chewed on their lip.  The air was different down here.  And it made them nervous.

When the elevator doors for one team opened, a woman sat on the floor.  The team twitched.  They watched, hands on their weapons.  She sat naked on the cold concrete, drawing on it with red.  Red from what or where, or even who, it didn’t matter.  The team slowly walked out the elevator.

“This is Bravo-Delta, we have reached the subbasement from elevator one.  One of them is just sitting here, over.”

“Copy that, Bravo-Delta.  Whiskey-Delta has made it to subbasement from elevator two.  It’s… Empty and wet on this side.  Seems like something caught fire and the sprinklers got to it, over.”

Whiskey-Delta’s team of 6 slowly made their way down the halls.

“Sir, it’s suddenly… really warm in here…” one of them said.

“I feel it, too…”

The little girl stood in front of them and smiled cutely.

“Hello!” she said.

“…What are you doing down here?”

“This is Whiskey-Delta, we have a situation, Bravo-Delta.”

The girl giggled.

“Playing with fire,” she laughed maniacally, throwing a ball of fire at them.

The team screamed and tried their best to dodge the ball of fire, but it turned from a baseball-sized ball into the open maw of a monster and ate them.  They were engulfed in flame, their screams being cut from Bravo-Delta as the fire melted their guns, their clothes, their bodies.

“What the fuck?” was all that could be mustered.  They turned around.  The woman was gone and the red she was using to draw was a from a puddle of blood, the head of the nurse from before laying in it.

“WHAT THE FU–” was all that could be yelled before the wall next to the team leader fell onto them, crushing their body.  Bravo-Delta dropped their weapons and rushed back to the elevator.  The woman was inside.  The team’s eyes bulged out their heads and they raced back the other way, one of them tripping over the head and falling.  The woman was suddenly on top of the one that fell, their screams meaning nothing to this naked woman.  She smiled sadly, before opening her mouth and placing it on top of this team member, sucking out their essence, getting fat on their life.

The team members that were left stood in front of the space where the wall used to be.

Hundreds of people sat on the floor, their eyes watching them.

“Hello,” they all said in creepy unison.

Someone slithered their way to the team, slithered their long body up their gear before slithering away.  Two of the team members perked up and made their way back to the elevator, taking the long ride back up.  When the doors opened on the main floor, one of their commanding officers walked up to them.

“How did it go?  Everything contained?”

“You mean dead,” of the team members corrected.

“Semantics,” the commanding officer said. “Is it taken care of?”

“The rest of your teams are dead,” the other team member said.

The commanding officer sighed and rubbed their temples.

Is it contained?

One of the team members looked up at him; it was the woman from before.  She bit her lip and sighed with a shiver in anticipation.

“I am going to get so fat off of you,” she groaned loudly, licking her lips.

The commanding officer suddenly caught on.  There wasn’t enough time to even let out a breath.  She had her hand on their chin and locked lips with theirs, moaning as she stole their life.  The other team member cackled loudly, the hospital suddenly looking over in their direction.

Elevator two suddenly dinged open and Hell escaped.

Fire exploded into the lobby as hundreds of people from the subbasement were suddenly released from their prisons.  They slaughtered everyone in the lobby, taking no prisoners.  By the time the military arrived, they were gone, the bloodbath only being remembered by the last team member of Bravo-Delta.

Who died the next day.

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