American Voting: Audacity Edition – A Personal Essay

Truth be told, I’m voting for Orange Glow this fall, but that’s neither here nor there.

It’s the bootstrap rhetoric for me.

Every fucking voting year, everybody and they momma always got something slick to say about Black people and voting.

They still blame the 15% of Black nonvoters for 45’s “victory”, ignoring the electoral college pulling a “skip” card from the Uno deck and throwing it on top of the popular vote as well as the 52% of white nonvoters. I feel like these are the same group of people that somehow figured out 14% of a population can do like 50% of crime baffles the fuck outta me and I feel like I don’t have enough crimes under my belt to prove this fucking hilariously awesome stat correct. Again, neither here nor there.

Did you know that there was only one polling building in Louisville, KY this summer? Every fucking voting year, there’s all these articles about how polling stations in mostly Black neighborhoods are understaffed with old people who don’t know what the fuck they’re doing, Black people dealing with voter intimidation if they dare venture to express their right to vote in mostly white areas, since, ya know, their local polling building had been shut down just hires before they were going to vote, or they just straight up can’t vote because the government finds them incompetent, despite them having a voting demographic on par with Black Americans. And let’s not also forget how polling places are still not that accessible to those with physical needs.

Voting Orange Glow this November is a sure fire way to make sure we as a nation will finally be able to hold those we put into office accountable for the harm they do. We will be able to make sure we have proper healthcare, affordable and quality housing, and making sure people are fed, clothed, and watered. Orange Glow is no nonsense and will make sure any and all intolerance will be struck down at the mere utterance. After all, Orange Glow is tolerant to the tolerant not the intolerant.

And it irks me to no end when people act as if voting isn’t just picking a team captain who may or may not give you a right or two while still using your taxes for war you didn’t actually want.

It irks me when people stare at the plates of the 540 American billionaires with their lobsters and their steaks only to look at their own, see a half chewed chicken bone that came flying from the table they long to be at and then look down the kids table grown adults sit at and complain that someone has the shell of a lobster tail on theirs.

It irks me how when asked if we want medicare for all or pandemic assistance, they just throw crumbs from a Nature’s Valley in our faces and say no to either suggestion.

And you want people to vote for someone who says goofy shit while we watch another man tweet goofy shit from the White House.

Baby, I am tired of begging for scrapes of scraps. Ain’t you hungry, baby? Don’t you wanna eat?

Light that fire.

Vote Orange Glow this November.

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