Fascists Are Just Mad They Peaked in High School, So They Shoot It Up While Still A Student – A Personal Essay

It’s very telling how fascism is such a big deal now that white people are going to have to put up with it’s bullshit, even though… They’ve always had to put up with it, just like the minorities do.

When I was 10 Columbine happened and then 9/11 happened when I was 12. Safety for a little nigglet in a predominantly white neighborhood never existed, but at 10, I could feel I wasn’t safe.

Now that fascism is attacking white people (again, let’s not even lie here), suddenly white people have this urge to stop what is happening. Oh, what’s that? White women’s reproductive rights are being threatened again? Women of color could have, actually, BEEN HAD, telling people they are/were going through forced hysterectomies for DECADES and no one but other minority groups moved to bring light to these issues. But now that the right is moving to remove reproduction rights for everyone once more (because the government emotionally abusing you is something that’s normal here in the States), white women are suddenly here for all women.

The safety of children was never a thing. You’d think after Columbine, the government would have done something to quell the violence of fascist students, but instead, it just got worse. You would think after Sandy Hook the government would have done something.

There were 103 school shootings in 2018. The first recorded school shooting was recorded back in 1970, with the death total being 19 people.

Lone wolf terrorists are people who believe the harmful rhetoric of white supremacy and will kill any and all because of it. If you don’t fit the unrealistic standards of white supremacy, you are seen as lesser and it makes you super easy to dehumanize someone when they don’t fit your ideals.

People who agree with these ideals always talk about “freedom” for them to be downright antagonistic to people they don’t see as humans from “light” teasing to just outright murder. When you call them out on this behavior, they will call you a “snowflake” or tell you that you can’t take a joke. Or that you can’t be part of the “tolerant left” because the left always welcomes anybody that the right finds intolerant, so obviously, the undesirableness of people on the right would be welcomed as well, yes?

Their need to punch down while not being called out for such abhorrent behavior is nothing new.

White people are affected by fascism all the time and I’m getting real tired of them acting like it doesn’t until other white people start looking at them like their meat.

Fascism has gotten their children killed, and they still shrug it off, because fuck them kids. Fascism has made it hard for white children to grow up and realize that this behavior is indeed not normal and should be eradicated.

If you think that dehumanizing people because they don’t fit your religion, your cis hetero gender and sexuality, your “preferred” weight, “preferred” skintone, able-bodied Aryan royalty and that pisses you off for some reason, you’re more than likely a fascist and you should hit up that google and figure out where in the entire FUCK you went wrong.

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