Again?! We’ve been doing this for hours, what do you mean ‘again’?”

“You are still missing the critical moment to strike your enemies down, you will do it again until you get it right.”

“Well, maybe if I rest a bit, so I’m not as tired–“

You don’t get to be tired.”

The silence that followed felt like an eon as grey-blue eyes hidden behind centuries of pure white eyebrows stared down at the youthful, yet exhausted midnight colored eyes beneath them. The younger clenched their fist, took a deep breath, swallowed their pride and smiled.

“Alright, then. Start up the program.”

The elder nodded, placing their hands on a console made up of light. Their fingers gently graced keys and other buttons before hitting a neon orange one.

The room where the younger stood was an annoying pure white that hurt the eyes with the lights on. As the elder put in the program, the room started to change, the white walls, ceiling and floor changing into a cold stone brown, looking similar to a cave they had grace decades prior. Men dressed in clothes they had never seen before sprung around them. They steadied and readied their hands and feet, waiting for the whrr of the program to actually start.


The men all attacked at once but differently. Lazily, the trainee vanished with a puff of smoke only to appear about the mess of men. As they appeared, a deep red light came from their chest, traveled up their throat and exited their mouth in a wide cone of fire, setting the pile of confused men aflame.

The elder squinted and tapped into the program.

As the trainee fell to the ground, arrows rained from the sky. They rolled out of the way, but still managed to get struck in the back by several. Arrows whizzed from the left, some making home in their shoulder as they tried to jump out the way. Men covered in chain mail sprang up behind them, hitting them in the back of their knee with a sword. As they fell and curled up to not have their ribs kicked, trying to ignore the constant stabbing pain of arrows plunging into their side.


Their already dark eyes turned pitch black. The hopped up to their feet, the sheer power from the rage that was built into their body escaped through their feet, knocking back the assailants. Before one was back on their feet, the trainee was on top of them, grabbing onto their head and pulling it off their neck as if it were a ball on the floor. They threw the head at another, the force of the throw sending the head through the torso with no resistance. Another group of arrows had sped through the air, but they had grabbed a handful of them as they approached, turning on their heel and thrusting the arrows into the throat of the last assailant.

They grunted, jumping up and diving into the control room where the elder ran the program, tackling him in the process. They rolled up, holding him by the neck as they dragged him a bit before pinning him up against the wall.

The elder was not frightened. He merely smirked at their protégé as he struggled to breath. After all, this body wasn’t quiet ready.

He stared into his trainee’s eyes, the blackness of them falling down their dark cheeks like tears.

When I find out how to end this hold you have on me, I will take my time killing you, so that you may understand my violent joy.

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