The cult of fifteen had watched the shadow slink itself over the baby, sucking it dry before tossing the corpse aside.

It squealed and hollered, chasing the members around the cave, draining their bodies of their live when they caught them. The two servants from before ignored what was going on, standing by the cook fire, staring off into nothing as people were screaming around them. The storm worsened outside, lightning striking the area around the entrance every few moments, the ancient guard watching nothing with a bored expression on their face.

The shadow howled once more before diving into the rock beneath the bloody floor. The guardians of the cave disappeared, leaving no trace they even existed. The rock formation shook, the earth beneath the citizens of K’Ton’s feet starting to give way. Steam started to come through cracks in the soil, the water boiled many animal alive. With a final roar, the ground opened up, swallowing K’ton whole. Surrounding areas suffered as well; miles of treeline fell, killing years worth of food sources, destroying villages miles away from K’Ton.

Hundreds of thousands from displeasing an entity who had no reason to exist in this plane. Summoned by fools who had no idea what they were doing caused the destruction of a civilization that wouldn’t be found for five thousand years to most but a few decades to some.

A ship proceeded to land on the outskirts of the grave that K’Ton slept in. A woman with short hair and round glasses was the first one off the ship, taking in a deep breath of fresh air.

“Here we are, your majesty!” she said, stretching her legs from the long flight. Two other people stepped off the ship before his majesty stepped off. The sparkling blue-grey eyes beneath a pair of thick black eyebrows looked at the greenery surrounding him. Even in his youth, the smirk of misdeeds never went unnoticed. Even to sleeping shadows hibernating in the earth.

“We’ll rest here for a few days, get used to this atmosphere before we take off on our deep dive. If you plan on wandering off, please turn on your tracking. This forest is too damn thick for us to be getting separated. Who knows what legends are true out here…”

The earth chuckled.

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