Spring brought new life once more, the marigolds and geraniums shedding their last bit of winter snow off their leaves before opening their flowers to the sun. However, the neutral but stunning beauty of spring was dulled as His Majesty terrorized his home.His Queen was heavy with pregnancy but her body was shutting down. She … Continue reading 6.


The news of Palthory's sacking spread quickly, the few survivors having caught the destruction on recording devices and managing to get some camera surveillance from some buildings that weren't outright destroyed. The Imperial Bride title somehow managed to spread, even though no else had heard that title outside of Sovereign Addam's room. They paced back … Continue reading 5.


The heat around the hole K'ton slept in rose every day. Drones with probes attached to them would venture five miles away from the grave, readings of a significant temperature drop proving the scientist on board correct."Some sort of wacky phenom going on underneath all this earth. If your tale is true, then whatever you're … Continue reading 4.


The drive to the kingdom of Palthory, or His Majesty called it "Paltry", was three days by train, then two days by car and then another three days by horseback. Landing any type of aircraft in the city would be pointless.Palthory, in the grand scheme of things, sat on a patch of land that was … Continue reading 3.


The cult of fifteen had watched the shadow slink itself over the baby, sucking it dry before tossing the corpse aside.It squealed and hollered, chasing the members around the cave, draining their bodies of their live when they caught them. The two servants from before ignored what was going on, standing by the cook fire, … Continue reading 2.2


"Again.""Again?! We've been doing this for hours, what do you mean 'again'?""You are still missing the critical moment to strike your enemies down, you will do it again until you get it right.""Well, maybe if I rest a bit, so I'm not as tired--""You don't get to be tired."The silence that followed felt like an … Continue reading 2.1


Southeast of the noise, clutter and clash of K'Ton, the dense redwood forest muted even the loudest of thoughts. Spots of sunlight lit up parts of trees, looking like ripe tangerines ready to pick and eat. But with a blink and step forward, was gone.For three days, the newer members ached for the light tangerines … Continue reading 1.

Fascists Are Just Mad They Peaked in High School, So They Shoot It Up While Still A Student – A Personal Essay

It's very telling how fascism is such a big deal now that white people are going to have to put up with it's bullshit, even though... They've always had to put up with it, just like the minorities do.When I was 10 Columbine happened and then 9/11 happened when I was 12. Safety for a … Continue reading Fascists Are Just Mad They Peaked in High School, So They Shoot It Up While Still A Student – A Personal Essay