Hair: An Ode To The First Cut

"...will it grow back...?" a soft voice called from the illuminated hall behind the couch. Their caretaker snapped awake, the muted television and dropped phone still running a mobile game the reminder of what happened a mere hour ago.  They sat up, looking over the back of the couch, staring at the small, sniffling figure … Continue reading Hair: An Ode To The First Cut


The red dirt hadn't seen rain in months.  Boots kicked up dust. "You haven't said anything in a while." "...I'm fine..." They walked past the groaning dead with no fanfare. The farm fell apart weeks ago, two of the group were eaten alive.  Spring had arrived, but no rain had fallen.  Climate changed really fucked … Continue reading Horde

The Betrayal

Mack paced the cargo hold, trying to relax from the adrenaline rush.  One of Rihal's MedBay's grabbed Mack by the shoulder and sat them down, scanning them. "Thank you, MedBay, because I was just going to deck them, to be honest," Rihal said, drying their hands off with a towel and tossing it on his … Continue reading The Betrayal

The Chase

Zahari sat at her computer as the doctor tried to calm Mack down.  Mack's whole body was shaking. "Rihal should be here in a few hours," Zahari said, watching Mack with concern. "Curious that they decided to hang around so close," Dr. Mishka said, placing a hand on Mack's back. Zahari was pulling up information … Continue reading The Chase