The cult of fifteen had watched the shadow slink itself over the baby, sucking it dry before tossing the corpse aside.It squealed and hollered, chasing the members around the cave, draining their bodies of their live when they caught them. The two servants from before ignored what was going on, standing by the cook fire, … Continue reading 2.2


"Again.""Again?! We've been doing this for hours, what do you mean 'again'?""You are still missing the critical moment to strike your enemies down, you will do it again until you get it right.""Well, maybe if I rest a bit, so I'm not as tired--""You don't get to be tired."The silence that followed felt like an … Continue reading 2.1


Thousands of feet pounded against the steel grate floor as everyone rushed towards the escape pods. The Pagoda, an interstellar cruise ship, was going down. The ship had already been going through enough hardship; the cruise ship got "lost" on the way home.  The 6 month long trip had been been lost in space for 3 … Continue reading I.

Give Chase

The water was cold and was rushing.  Dana struggled to keep her head above water as she was pushed down stream. "Dear gods, they said kinda..." The stranger breathed as they watched Dana struggle in the river.  The stranger was running close to the edge, dodging between trees and bullets.  There was a fallen tree … Continue reading Give Chase


Horne, Bean and Bandie put Sasha in the sidecar and started to push it down the halls of the resort. "We're not going to make it,"  Bandie said, watching Sasha's chest rise and fall slowly. As they waited for an elevator, a voice from behind them spoke. "Y...You think yo... you can just leave...?" It … Continue reading Rest