Ron's drug induced night wore off and he "woke up" while he was taking a piss.  He startled himself as he flushed and looked around the bathroom. 2 other bodies were in there with him.  They laid on top of each other in the tub, a red liquid pulled at the bottom. Ron opened his … Continue reading Information


Sasha's head snapped back up from her slump in the seats.  She groaned, trying to stretch out but her body was still too stiff.  She looked around.  Everyone was still asleep.  She looked out the window.  The ship wasn't moving and they were on the outskirts of the Glitter Freeze.  She unbuckled herself and slowly … Continue reading Lost


The doors hissed open.  The children walked down the stairs and walked out the station, eyes going big at the hubbub happening around them. The carnival was housed in a barely visible barrier that normalized the atmosphere for the visitors.  The dark shy of space sparkled with stars, giving the carnival the nighttime experience all … Continue reading Play