Drive By

Shouta looked at the rest of the group and they looked at him in awe. Ekundayo walked over to him.  "That was amazing, when will we see them again?" "You'll know by the sound they make when they come into battle," Shouta replied, smiling at Ekundayo. When they broke free of the forest, the sun … Continue reading Drive By


Heels clicked on the sidewalk. "I can't stay late," they said, stuffing their hands in their jacket pockets. "Okaaaaaay, I get ittttt," their friend said, fixing her hair and adjusting her shirt. When they moved up the walkway to the house party, they looked at the time on their phone.  9:43.  It was barely getting started. … Continue reading Midnight

Boring, Bitchy and Black

It’s weird how “oh he was just a cop” “oh he’s just military” is what comes up when talking about black people and their professions, but when white people bring up their own family members who were in those positions, there’s bumper stickers, t-shirts, family get togethers based on that profession, even if they only went to boot camp/the academy. A black person could have several medals, badges, ranks, and white people would still just scoff and complain about them “bragging”.