(Fighting) Games Are What Made Me Queer

I am very grateful to be living in a time where my existence is being talked about in media, even if it's not considered mainstream media.  I hope more queer black people are able to get their narratives and truths into video games, movies, and books into mainstream media.  Even though this timeline is full of uncertainty for my queer siblings because of the rampant queerphobia from other Black people and racism and anti-blackness from non-Black people, I hope the mediums that we consume for entertainment are full our voices and our truths.

Black And Other PoC Characters Are Just Fine The Way They Are, Thanks

My only gripe with white people and whitewashing is that I wish white people would just admit that they are racist when it comes to black people and PoC in media. I wish they would admit that seeing black and brown faces in media and not behind the scenes makes them uncomfortable. They need to own up to the fact that they are harboring internalized racism from generations past and do better.

The Future Lies in AI Lives

At what point do organics stop fearing AI? Probably never, let's be honest here. Humans can't even get along with each other about made up social constructs, so trying to giving a sentient being that is made up of computer codes and programming is just too much.