The Ins and Outs

When I was little, I did it one time.  I was about five if I 'member right.  I had yelled out and held my hands to stop... something, I don't remember.  I do remember, I'm lying.  But it's not important right now.  What's important is that I had stopped... time.  For a good five minutes.  … Continue reading The Ins and Outs


The Love Machine Broke: AKA Kanye Is My “Daddy”

I have talked about suffering in silence and being alone when it came to me struggling. This past weekend, I had a major breakdown and deactivated social media accounts here and there and I honestly can say I was triggered into having a PTSD episode because of Mr. "Leave Your Ass for A White Girl" West. … Continue reading The Love Machine Broke: AKA Kanye Is My “Daddy”


The last drip from the IV made him wake up in screaming agony.  A nurse with dirt under her nails and a cigarette in her mouth lazily walked over to him, looking at him up and down. "What's your problem, freak?" His throat was dry and she knew it.  That IV solution, whatever it was, … Continue reading Hell

Launch Day

The stolen, ratty, brown Jeep that had served the friends since teenagehood swerved between blown up cars and debris.  Two friends sat in the back, holding assault rifles, watching their six as the driver friend tried their best to keep the Jeep steady.  The friend in the passenger seat bounced their knee nervously, jumping when … Continue reading Launch Day

You Are No Different and You Are Failing Because Of It

Devonte, Markis, Jeremiah, Abigail, Hanna, and Sierra are 6 Black children.  3 are missing and 3 are dead.  They were abused and murdered by their white adoptive parents. However, let it be known that adult black male who was gunned down by the police was trash in 2018.  Let's remind every oppressed person under men, … Continue reading You Are No Different and You Are Failing Because Of It