The Bath

It was the dead of night, the only things alive and moving were the owls and small rodents, playing their games.  The sand resettled after the wind storm of the day kicked up old footprints and tails, placing the roads elsewhere.  The river, full and fat from the rains weeks ago, cooed softly, babbling into … Continue reading The Bath


The Funeral

The tiny cargo ship made for one drifted through space. For 5 years, it floated through the stars and through dust. "As we say goodbye to our beloved friend and mentor, may they have their wish granted of being one with the stars." The funeral was at the launch pad, the sun shining through heavy … Continue reading The Funeral

Best Friends

Lightning cracked across the sky, the loud tumble of thunder followed soon behind.  The rain fell down in hard sheets, soaking the clothes of the two people staring at each other. Lightning flashed across the sky, lighting up their faces.  One had blood dripping from their nose and mouth, the other had their left eye … Continue reading Best Friends


The last drip from the IV made him wake up in screaming agony.  A nurse with dirt under her nails and a cigarette in her mouth lazily walked over to him, looking at him up and down. "What's your problem, freak?" His throat was dry and she knew it.  That IV solution, whatever it was, … Continue reading Hell