Arman continued to stare at Adira, the face he had of longing and love dropped to a horrified expression. Adira stared back at him, eyes full of venom and daggers and swords and hatred and betrayal. She watched him, her eye shape changing, her lips changing, her bone structure changing.Her wings started to grow bigger, … Continue reading 10.3

A Bath

The bath was always empty, caked with mud from the last person who decided to lay in the waters of the giant, earth-made tub. Sometimes, a group of people would fill the bath, laughing and washing each other. Other times, lone strangers would sit on the edge, feet dangling in the cool, calm waters, singing … Continue reading A Bath

It was another day in "paradise". The water for the shower was always the right amount of hot, as was her cup of coffee. She stared out the kitchen window, holding onto her cup, watching a flock of mourning doves strut across the street in the orange of the early morning sunrise. It was another … Continue reading

New Job

"Do you ever just wanna do something so…" I looked up the moment her mouth started to curl into a playful smirk as she continued her sentence. "…reckless?" she asked, almost in a whisper so that none of the customers could hear us. "How do you mean?" We were on our 15 minute "smoke break", … Continue reading New Job

The Dash

The alarms went off a good thirty seconds before the thick wall between the staff bathrooms and the safe exploded into a fine dust. Six people rushed into the room, packing duffle bags with cash, gold bars and expensive paperwork. One of them signaled that time was running out, so each grabbed two fistfuls of … Continue reading The Dash