A Wedding to Duel For

It was a wedding that was nearly three decades in the making. From toddlerhood to adulthood, they rarely left each other's side, different stations in life be damned. When it was time for one to walk into the sun of monarchy, the mendicant fell in their shadow, their indigent generational coffers making it hard to … Continue reading A Wedding to Duel For


Arman continued to stare at Adira, the face he had of longing and love dropped to a horrified expression. Adira stared back at him, eyes full of venom and daggers and swords and hatred and betrayal. She watched him, her eye shape changing, her lips changing, her bone structure changing.Her wings started to grow bigger, … Continue reading 10.3

It was another day in "paradise". The water for the shower was always the right amount of hot, as was her cup of coffee. She stared out the kitchen window, holding onto her cup, watching a flock of mourning doves strut across the street in the orange of the early morning sunrise. It was another … Continue reading


Snow clung to the branches and leaves of trees as if Winter was clinging to stay in the realm past Her days. A mother bear and her cubs snuffled and snorted through the slush and mud, looking for Her cave. They found Her the moment the sun kissed the horizon, the warm rays pushing off … Continue reading Spring

New Job

"Do you ever just wanna do something so…" I looked up the moment her mouth started to curl into a playful smirk as she continued her sentence. "…reckless?" she asked, almost in a whisper so that none of the customers could hear us. "How do you mean?" We were on our 15 minute "smoke break", … Continue reading New Job

The Boy

The butler, old yet strong, carried the weight of his religion alone. In years' time, the writings, stories, scars, will die with him. But, for now, he "enjoys" the company of his child charge, a runt of an eight-year-old Boy child with the soul of someone much older in His tiny body. The butler watched … Continue reading The Boy