The heat around the hole K'ton slept in rose every day. Drones with probes attached to them would venture five miles away from the grave, readings of a significant temperature drop proving the scientist on board correct."Some sort of wacky phenom going on underneath all this earth. If your tale is true, then whatever you're … Continue reading 4.


The drive to the kingdom of Palthory, or His Majesty called it "Paltry", was three days by train, then two days by car and then another three days by horseback. Landing any type of aircraft in the city would be pointless.Palthory, in the grand scheme of things, sat on a patch of land that was … Continue reading 3.


The cult of fifteen had watched the shadow slink itself over the baby, sucking it dry before tossing the corpse aside.It squealed and hollered, chasing the members around the cave, draining their bodies of their live when they caught them. The two servants from before ignored what was going on, standing by the cook fire, … Continue reading 2.2


"Again.""Again?! We've been doing this for hours, what do you mean 'again'?""You are still missing the critical moment to strike your enemies down, you will do it again until you get it right.""Well, maybe if I rest a bit, so I'm not as tired--""You don't get to be tired."The silence that followed felt like an … Continue reading 2.1


Southeast of the noise, clutter and clash of K'Ton, the dense redwood forest muted even the loudest of thoughts. Spots of sunlight lit up parts of trees, looking like ripe tangerines ready to pick and eat. But with a blink and step forward, was gone.For three days, the newer members ached for the light tangerines … Continue reading 1.


The cliff stood above the blackest of black valleys, the sun never able to reach the middle of the valley much less the bottom. It called, though. It called to many people. One day they would walk down the path between the oak and willow trees, they would hear it whisper their name. As the … Continue reading Worthy

Town of Fire

The town was quiet, as most deserted towns are. As it sat in the dirt and dust of decades past, the sun rose from the east as a caravan of moving trucks and vans, personal cars, minivans, RVs, motorcycles and even bicycles moved up from the south, driving through hills, swamps and storms. Days for … Continue reading Town of Fire