“The World Is Watching”

I still have 4 days left until my unethical post ban of calling out cis people’s constant sword playing with their metaphorical dicks to see which one deserves to be in the news more.

“No one cares about black women!”

“Black women only have themselves!”

These talks happen and it, eventually, leads to TERFs coming out of the woodwork and bashing trans women, but cis women don’t give a shit.

“I’m here for the queer black folk and children!” they cry, their version of a pink pussy hat flopping on their head.  They hold these people’s hands in the figurative march and sing chants and thank Marsha P Johnson… Until a man, several leagues behind them (in terms of “wokeness” and awareness of what is happening in the black community) dies.

“I refuse to march for that nigga!” they cry out, taking off their shoes and sitting on the side of the march.

The queer adult folk holding the hands of lost children look at these women, bewildered, confused and angry.

“Okay, but can you keep marching because if you don’t, the lack of support hurts us,” the queer folk say, squeezing the hands of these lost children to emphasize that the children are the ones without voices, hell, even faces.


It’s really heartbreaking that black women can’t see the similarities they have with white women in regards to men, but, hey, we aren’t all born woke and it’ll take more than just me constantly telling them they sound like white women when they talk about men.

The anger cis women have for men could honestly be fixed if they just started killing them at every infraction of men disrespecting their boundaries, but men’s sexism has made women feel hopeless after hundreds upon hundreds of years.  In turn, they decided that it is much easier to punch down on dead bodies, mock the dead’s family, because how dare they care for him, not even knowing anything about their dynamic.  They say they don’t have to be the bigger person and, you know what, they are right.

But those boy children who are at the march can see what you’re doing.

They see you punch down on a body who might look like them when they’re older.  They don’t understand misogynoir, the stats surrounding black girl children and the subsequent of adults that grow from there.  No, these boy children just see grown women beating up a dead body of a man who may be them.

At every turn, we adults fail these children.  We see them, but never actually reach out to them like we should.  What could be a learning moment for these children, that blackness should be protected from police brutality for all black people, turns into a lesson of abusive behavior.  These boy children can see what is happening and will do anything to make sure these angry feminists women don’t try to harm them.

And in a few years, when they are older and one of their own is gunned down, they will march behind you, again, like they did when they were children.  And will see you punching down another dead body and then say to themselves “I was right, these females are crazy”.

To dismantle black patriarchy in the black community would be to completely abandon men and create our own spaces, like Umoja Uaso.  However, to do that, cis women would need to not use men against each other.

It’s really funny (read: sad and disgusting) how black women will say that they are here for black women, only to turn around use men as weapons against other women.  The girl children are watching you do that, too.

As you all scream with your tongue out about “at least my man ain’t in sex worker’s inboxes, but do you, s(c)isssssss!”, the girl children are watching you pit men against each other, when just last week they heard you say “FUCK THEM NIGGAS, THEY AIN’T SHIT”.  These girl children can’t understand the nuances that these niggas ain’t shit and that they’ll be in the inboxes of those they “hate” regardless.  They just see that men are sexual beings and the need to have the community penis as just theirs is the goal.

The lie that cis women say, being here for those oppressed under men, is a lie.  When Mr and Mrs Chad and Becky say that “they are for black lives”, I give a little chuckle and a “Sure, Jan.”  When black cis women say they are for the non-men and children, I try really hard not laugh in their face.  You can lie all you want about being here for the adults but don’t lie on the children like that.  There are a few cis black women who put in work for black children (especially black girl children) and I’m so happy and proud to know that they are there for the children.  We need more people like them to put children as the number one priority for black liberation.

The conversation we as non-men need to have about men needs to be one of what lessons can we teach our children the bullshit that is black patriarchy and how it stems from white patriarchy.  We must also teach them that while the world is slowly coming to an understanding that men aren’t that great, black men will put up the most fight because of access to education and resources, regardless if Google is readily available or not.  We must also them expose them to other examples of masculinity and not just to the toxic ones.

We must also let them teach us how to explore other options in regards to how they want to learn about heavy topics inside the umbrella of black patriarchy.  Let them teach us how to unlearn what men’s sexism ruined.

The world of black children is watching and we are still failing them.

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