Depravity: A Personal Essay

moral corruption; wickedness

To watch your country fall apart for the simple, morally decent of wearing and mask and scream and yell about their rights like a toddler is a sort of Hell I didn’t think I could imagine. Oh, sure, racism is a Hell all on its own, but as Joel Robinson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 said “Hell works better when it’s a lot more subtle.”

Who knew that not wearing a mask was the cherry on top of the pile that is American Depravity™.

To see this sort of basic moral failing from people who claim to love this country and will do anything to protect it just to tear down Lady Liberty’s eye covering and cough directly into her corneas is something I would see at 2:45A on [adult swim] while eating cold Chinese food.

It’s very chilling and annoying how these people, with their “people got into boxcars to get vaccines and ended up in a concentration camp” memes, completely ignoring how they’re sending however small percentage of children (0.4%) into school with asymptomatic and sick kids because 14,000 is too real to look at.

3% mortality doesn’t seem like a lot but 9 million is outrageous.

How the working poor turn to their line mates on the capitalistic manufacturing line, all 45 million of them and yell at those who are barely surviving along with them, who are yelling at those are using their unemployment to help those on the line with them, to shame them for getting the bare minimum help from the government that claims to protect its citizens, yet drop their pants and bend over for the mere gust of wind of the 540 billionaires’ cock that blows around to grace their assholes.

The corruption of words like “heroes” “sacrifice” and “personal responsibility” is more disgusting than seeing Two Girls One Cup for the first time. Heroes are meant to be go away and die, sacrifice their well-being for the Average American™; it is the responsible thing to do as an American Citizen™. But, do not complain about your mistreatment after you come home from seeing the horrors no fully developed adult should see, let alone an 18-year-old. Do not speak out about the duty you had a choice in doing. No one told you to do that, American Citizen™.

It’s really… disheartening how the very basics of respecting other people’s humanity doesn’t exist to people who claim to be “left” in politics. As we watch two old white men with the same politics but with different colors throw their dentures at each other, I’m reminded that this level of depravity is just something that has been boiling over since old white men stepped on these lands is now a full-blown house fire that was somehow covered by the best smoke screen China could make since the Dust Bowl in the 1930s.

When Augustine managed to call Pelagius a heretic, I don’t think he thought just how deep that well of total depravity goes.

As we put numbered toe tags on people, preparing myself mentally for the news of mass graves being burned (they’re already hanging out in semi-trucks), preparing for more of my friends to post about the deaths of their loved ones, preparing to maybe die.

And even with all this going on, I’m still hoping I have the creative needs to fight through these moral failings by writing. I hope I’m able to still continue to create so that maybe someone else can create with me.

All I can do is hope.

After all.

People can’t be that depraved, right?

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